Best Backyard Hammocks Reviews of 2021

When we think of relaxing near the beach or even in our backyards, many people think of hammocks.
Hammocks are the perfect accessory to combine comfort with the outdoors. Hammocks provide a portable and secure way to lounge and literally flow with the wind.

However, finding the perfect backyard hammock can be a challenge. This is especially true if you’ve never used one before and don’t really know what to look for. Well, have no fear because below are the best backyard hammocks you can buy for any experience level.

Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

1. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

First on the list is the Hammock Sky Brazilian double hammock. This is a great hammock to try out because it has a little bit of everything to offer. From the lightweight to its thick material, this is a great hammock all around.

This hammock is made out of a cotton weave, making it perfect to use during the summertime. It doesn’t itch or scratch the skin, so even laying down bare skin is a good idea for this. The cotton is also very durable, so it can withstand lots of pressure.

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock - Two Person Bed for Backyard, Porch, Outdoor and Indoor Use - Soft Woven Cotton Fabric

Speaking of durable, this hammock is both child and pet-friendly. Even if your little ones like to jump, this hammock can take it within reason. You can also invite your furry friends on board, as their paws and claws won’t damage the fabric.

One important thing to note about this hammock is that it only comes with a hammock and a carrier bag. This is a portable hammock, so you need to provide your own stand or tree straps. Other than that, you can use it as soon as you open the box.

2. Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

The Vivere double hammock is another great option for those who live in a warm area. Everything about this hammock comes together to create a cool and strong fabric. Let’s look at the said fabric for starters.

The Vivere double hammock is made of 100% polyester. Polyester is known to be one of the best fabrics to use when you want a cooling hammock. You won’t have to worry about feeling hot and sticky when you lie in this one.

As this is a double hammock, you can have two people use it at the same time. The wide hammock center allows two people to get comfortable. It’s perfect for relaxing with a significant other or loved one.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Blue Lagoon (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)

This hammock is also great because it’s completely portable. Not only does it come with a carrying bag, but it also has a stand that you can set up anywhere.

Speaking of setup, the Vivere hammock stand is made of steel coated with zinc to prevent rusting. The actual process of putting it together takes only a few minutes. You don’t even need any tools to get started.

Lastly, the Vivere hammock comes in a variety of different colors. If you like to have options before you purchase, this one is perfect for that.

3. Sorbus Double Hammock with Steel Stand

The Sorbus double hammock provides a lot of great features. From the unique fabric blend to sturdy metal materials, this has it all. Here’s what you can expect from the Sorbus double hammock.

Starting off with the fabric, this hammock is made of a unique blend of cotton and polyester. That allows the breathability of cotton and the strength of polyester. The combination connects the best of both worlds in one hammock.

The Sorbus hammock is made up of sturdy metal that’s weather resistant. This means that rain or shine, you can get in your hammock and relax without worrying about rust.

Sorbus Double Hammock with Steel Stand Two Person Adjustable Hammock Bed - Storage Carrying Case Included (Blue/Sand/Purple/Red)

What’s great about this hammock is that it has five adjustable height options. You can make your hammock longer or shorter, so everyone can find the perfect length. The weight capacity is also a standard 450 pounds, so two people can relax comfortably.

One feature that you don’t really find in many hammocks is the offer to set it up. The Sorbus brand comes with the option of having your hammock set up professionally. With an additional cost, you can get your product up and running without any effort.

4. AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand

The AmazonBasics double hammock is another worthy candidate. Like the other hammocks on this list, this one also has the basics, along with some unique features. Here are a few things you can get from this hammock.

The hammock fabric is a perfect blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. This makes for a fabric that’s both durable and light. It can easily hold up to 400 pounds, though that’s a bit less than the standard weight.

AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand

The measurements of the hammock are pretty spacious at 94″ to 63″. From end to end, the hammock runs around 130″. This combined with the weight capacity, provides a very comfortable space for two.

The AmazonBasics hammock has the additional feature of a professional setup. By paying a slightly overpriced amount, you can have someone set up the hammock in your backyard.

If you don’t want to pay extra, setting it up yourself is also an option.

Setup doesn’t require any tools, so it should be a quick job for anyone. Additionally, this product comes with a large carrier bag, so you can set it up literally anytime, anywhere.

5. Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock

All of the previous hammocks shown are designed for two people. The Sunnydaze cotton rope hammock is only made for one. However, don’t let that fool you on the quality this offers.

The Sunnydaze cotton rope hammock has a length of 12 feet, making it especially long for one person. The stand is a bit shorter than most, so your feet may or may not dangle off the edge. Also, this stand has a chain connector, unlike a rope one that traditional hammocks do.

This hammock is a bit pricier than the other ones, but for a good reason. It comes with a quilted pad and pillow, which adds to the comfort level for the product. You can relax without worrying about getting a sore neck or back.

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Freestanding Hammock with 12 Foot Portable Steel Stand and Spreader Bar, Indoor or Outdoor Use, Pad and Pillow Included, Desert Stripe

The Sunnydaze cotton rope hammock is also weatherproof. The stand itself is resistant to rust, and the fabric and pillows are quick-drying. Even a little rain can’t rain on your hammock parade with this product!

Finally, the Sunnydaze hammock comes in a variety of colors. On top of that, you can get it professionally set up if you want. That, of course, comes at an additional price.

6. Pawleys Island Original Collection Large DuraCord Rope Hammock

The Pawleys Island hammock is truly unique in terms of design and style. Unlike the other hammocks on the list, this one doesn’t use fabric or quilt of any sort. However, it remains just as comfortable, as well as fashionable for a variety of reasons.

The Pawleys Island hammock is made of Dura-Cord rope. The rope is woven into a lattice design to ensure even distribution of weight throughout. So, what exactly is Dura-Cord made of?

Original Pawleys Island 13DCOT Large Duracord Rope Hammock, Oatmeal

The Dura-Cord used in this case is made of cotton rope, but it’s even more durable than that. It’s completely weatherproof and is also resistant to abrasion and rot. Additionally, the Dura-Cord used is solution-dyed, making staining and fading less likely.

The wooden bar used to anchor the rope is dipped in a marine-resistant varnish. That allows it to maintain its oak hues while also looking great after weathering a few years.

The Pawleys Island hammock only comes with the actual hammock itself. You’re going to have to buy your own stand and pillows if you’d like.

You should also note that some customers find that their hammock looks a bit short. This is normal after the initial purchase because the hammock needs some stretching. After a few days of use, you should notice that it increases to a comfortable width and length.

7. Kootek Camping Hammock Portable Indoor Outdoor Tree Hammock

The final product is the Kootek camping hammock. This hammock stands out from the rest because of what’s included for the low price. Here’s what you get.

The Kootek camping hammock functions as both a single and a double hammock. You also receive two tree-friendly straps and steel carabiners to uphold your hammock. It also comes with a carrying bag to take it along with you on your next adventure.

This hammock also stands out because of the nylon material. It’s made of impressive parachute-grade fabric, so you know there won’t be any rips or tears. It’s also resistant to the wear and tear of regular use.

Kootek Camping Hammock Double & Single Portable Tree Hammocks with 2 Hanging Ropes, Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammocks for Backpacking, Travel, Beach

The fabric also makes it easy to clean up after it gets wet or dirty. That’s what makes it so ideal for camping, but you can also use it indoors.

The Kootek hammock has triple stitching in its seams, so you won’t have to worry about tears. It can also hold an outstanding 500 pounds of weight, so it’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

This hammock doesn’t come with a professional setup option, but it has a handy guide on how to do it yourself. All in all, the Kootek hammock seems like the soundest option for newbies and experts alike.

Choosing the Right Hammock for Your Backyard

Before diving into the different brands of hammocks, there are a few key things that should guide your pick. Here’s a basic rundown of things to keep in mind.

Single/Double Hammock: Hammocks come in different shapes and sizes, so some can hold more than one person.

It’s important to consider if you want a single or double hammock. As the name suggests, single hammocks are for one person, while doubles can hold two.

Child, Family, and Pet-Friendly: Contrary to popular belief, not all hammocks are child and pet-friendly. All are meant to be laid down on, but some can’t withstand children jumping or furry friends clawing.

For example, the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock hits all the right bases. The fabric is thick and sturdy enough to hold up two people and can also stand children and pets. Its tight yet comfortable weave makes it strong but breathable.

If you plan on pets and children using your backyard hammock, be on the lookout for those special labels.

Weight Capacity: Because hammocks are made to lift people up, you also need to look into the weight capacity of the product. Generally speaking, most hammocks can hold up to 450 pounds of weight at a time.

However, you can find specially-designed hammocks that can even carry up to 1,500 pounds.

Material: The hammock material makes all the difference here. A light weave rope hammock is made from either polyester or cotton and works very well in warmer weather. It’s known to keep cool and not stick to the body of the user.

Fabric hammocks are very durable and work best in colder areas. These hammocks are usually the most decorative and add a beautiful look to any backyard.

Camping hammocks are very lightweight and are preferred by campers. You can use a camping hammock in your backyard, but a lot of comforts is lost. Plus, you get extra features you don’t really need.

Portable Hammock: If you want to travel with your hammock, you should look out for portable versions. These are either going to be made for camping or set up to use with a stand. Portable hammocks are great for continuing the adventure outside of your backyard.

The Location for the Setup

Using Hammocks in Trees: Choosing a tree for a hammock is a big deal. You want to pick something that’s strong and wide for a safe hammock experience. Stick with oak, maple, or palm trees, and avoid pine, cottonwood, and hackberry trees.

Treeless Setup: If you want a hammock without any trees, there are also treeless hammock options. These hammocks are held up by a stand that usually comes with the product. These tend to be a bit pricier because of the extra equipment.

How to Set Up a Hammock with a Stand?

From all of the different methods of hanging a hammock, hanging it on a stand is the easiest. That’s because most of the hard work of creating knots to uphold the hammock is taken out of the picture. You also don’t have to find a stand that’s well-equipped to hold your hammock.

When hanging on a stand, simply follow the directions for setting up the stand itself. This usually requires unhinging and hinging a few things, but it depends mostly on the brand.

Once that’s set up, locate the hanging hardware on the stand. This is where you hang your hammock from the ends. Once you find it, secure the ends on the hammock loops onto these pieces.

Your hammock is now ready to go. Make sure to double-check that the ropes are secured well before diving in. The stand does a good job of adding ease and portability to any hammock.

How to Hang a Hammock in Your Backyard?

There are two ways you can hang a hammock in your backyard using trees: with ropes and with straps. Each method has its own way to get started, but the result is pretty much the same.

Straps are usually a little less taxing on the tree than ropes. However, with the right technique, even ropes can work to hold up your hammock without damaging the tree.

When you use ropes, start by finding a set of trees that are around 3-4 feet wider than the length of your hammock. You also need a rope that can go around the pole or tree at least four times. Lastly, you need hammock hooks and carabiners.

Start by looping your rope around the tree three times, making sure that it doesn’t overlap. You should have a little bit of leftover on both sides. Ring the left end of the rope over and under the right end, and pull it up through the loop it just created.

Now, take the left end, and do the same thing as above. Repeat this process once more to have a secure and tight knot. Thread both rope ends into the carabiner, and pull it to add another knot.

Now you’ve completed attaching one rope to a carabiner. Do the same to the other side. Once that’s done, secure your hammock hooks onto the carabiner, and your hammock is set.

Hanging a hammock with straps is also easy. Start by wrapping the straps around a tree trunk. Pull the hook end through the loop end and tighten it to create a knot.

Next, wind the long end of the strap around the tree in the opposite direction from how you wrapped it initially. Pull this rope through the loop again, and now your strap can hang down.

Once it’s hanging, secure a hook through it, and add your hammock hooks on. Your hammock is set up and ready for relaxation.

How to Sleep in a Hammock Properly?

Many people have tried sleeping in a hammock in their backyard, only to find it uncomfortable. Your hammock should never suffocate you or make you feel like you’re getting swallowed by it. There’s a certain way to sleep in your hammock so that you’re comfortable and get a good rest.

Once your hammock is set up correctly, sit on the edge of the hammock, and place your bottom directly in the middle. This helps distribute your weight in the hammock evenly.

Once you’re sitting, stretch your back and legs out in a diagonal form. You should be off-center so that you’re lying completely diagonal to the edges of the hammock. Once you’re lying down, move up and down the fabric until you feel cradled by the hammock.

To help you feel more comfortable while lying down, add some pillows and blankets to your hammock. The fabric of the hammock also aids in increasing comfort, so aim for a parachute or nylon material.


Using a hammock is a fun and unique way to connect with nature without having to go too far. You can set up your hammock directly in your backyard or patio for outdoor fun whenever you want.

Hopefully, these tips can help you find the best hammocks for backyard use, so you can begin a breezy summer.

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