The Best Hanging Egg Chair to Buy in 2021

Best hanging egg chairs are a superb novelty seating option for any patio. Rather than the usual chair, swing, couch, or other ordinary seating systems available today, you may want to consider hanging egg chairs. Well, it’s simply because they’re an appealing addition to your garden or patio, plus they’re fun to seat with. Install a hanging egg chair in your garden was also proved to be more exciting than the usual seating options you have seen before. This article will discuss more hanging egg chairs by giving you a detailed guide on the best ones on the market today.

Why Best Hanging Egg Chairs are a must for your garden

Regardless if you use them indoor or outdoor, hanging egg chairs are gorgeous, unique, and interesting pieces of furniture. Hanging egg chairs are made of quality fabric such as nylon and cotton, which makes them comfy and relaxing chairs. It could also work as a great decor in your patio or garden.

In addition, hanging egg chairs also have awesome features such as flexibility, all weatherproof, and added safety that even kids can use for play and sleep. Hanging egg chairs are uniquely soft, durable, and comes in different colors and sizes. Before you decide what to buy, check out our detailed review of the best hanging egg chairs you can have right now.

Our Recommendations for the Best Hanging Egg Chairs of 2021

1. Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Egg Chair

Featuring three horizontal and six vertical wired design which serves as a reinforcement for its structure makes it a makes the Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair durable and safe. If you have kids and the elderly who love to hang around in the garden, its added extra space design feature ensures that it’s comfortable and safe to use.

For extra comfort, its cushion is made from fiber and cloth, and its bracket base is large enough for stability.

Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Egg Chair


  •  Chair Size:109 x 69 x 91cm (43″ x 27″ x 36″) (L x W x H) 
  •  Overall Size: 94.5 x 94.5 x 194.5cm (37.2″ x 37.2″ x 77″) (L x W x H); G.W.: 26.73 
  •  Weight : 59 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 330 Lbs 
  • Comes with: Free cover


  •  Comfortable
  •  Spacious
  •  Stylish Design


  •  Only available in 2 colors
  •  Unrated weatherproof feature

 Best Review From Customers

“Arrived a day early., extremely easy to put together. I’m a 5’3” 70:year old female and I managed perfectly well. The box is huge and heavy, but once you open the box and pull the seat out, the heavy base ring is at the bottom of the box, so you can take it out separately. The hanging pole came in separate wrapping, but both at the same time. Very well packed with everything covered with protective padding. It’s lovely to sit in the garden and be able to see it all from all around by twirling the seat around. Very happy with my buy! I did buy a separate waterproof cover to protect it in the winter, it does come with its cover, but not waterproof and doesn’t cover the metal support.”

2. Rattan Swing Chair Outdoor Garden Patio 

This egg-shaped rattan swing chair features a contemporary and stylish design with weaved rattan as the main look. It can be used indoors but it is also ideal for outdoors because of its added UV resistance feature that can withstand hot or called weather.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Brown Colour Rattan Swing Chair also has a thick cushion that provides extra comfort. The cushion’s removal cover can also be washed separately to ensure cleanliness. It also utilizes steel as its main framework for durability.  

Rattan Swing Chair Outdoor Garden Patio

Product Specifications 

  • Chair Size:99 x 73 x 112 cms.
  • Overall Size: 99 x 73 x 195 cms.
  • Weight: 62 Lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 220 Lbs 
  • Comes with: Free rain cover


  •  Comfortable 
  •  Washable cushion cover
  •  Classic and stylish design


  •  Only available in 1 color
  •  Not 100% rattan, combined with plastic

Review From Customers

“Very easy to put together. Very comfort. The cushion is a little cheap-looking but the plastic structure appears good quality. The courier company is dreadful. Rude unreliable and refused to deliver to the property despite the concierge calling to confirm I was at home waiting for it. Need a new delivery company but no concern with the product.”

3. Garden Studio Stylish Hanging Egg Chair

This chair is made from durable rattan plastic and steel tube that does not easily break in normal conditions. The design is inspired by the bird’s nest and the cushions are thick enough to guarantee comfort. The Garden Studio Stylish Hanging Egg Chair is also easy to assemble and easy to set up and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Garden Studio Stylish Hanging Egg Chair

Product Specifications 

  • Basket Size: 95 X 63 X 125cm
  •  Pole Bracket Size : 192cm (H) X 4.2cm (Diameter),
  •  Weight: Not specified
  • Max Capacity: Not specified


  •  Simple and minimalistic design 
  •  Simple and easy to assemble
  •  Made with durable material


  •  Only available in metallic bronze color
  •  Unrated weatherproof feature

 4. Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair

This hanging egg-shaped rattan is made from a strong powder steel frame and features an all-weather resistant PE rattan wicker. The material is durable with maintenance-free features as well and guaranteed not to crack, deteriorate or fade.

For added comfort, an additional armrest was installed, and soft seat cushions can give the best comfort. Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair With Soft Cushion Armrest Design is ideal for both outdoors and indoors and adds life to your garden or patio.

Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair

Product Specifications 

  •  Overall Size: 96x96x196cm(LxWxH)
  • Material: PE & Iron
  • Weight: 44.9 Lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 264 Lbs.


  •  Made with an extra armrest 
  •  Sturdy and durable
  •  Stable base


  •  Only available in white color
  • Limited delivery locations 

5. Marco Phillippe XL Patio Hanging Chair

The egg-shaped hanging garden chair from Marco Marco Phillippe was elegantly designed and is perfect for relaxing and chilling. The construction promotes retro-look, and wicker-effect with a hanging mechanism employed that make it suspend in the air. 

The Marco Phillippe XL Patio Hanging Chair also comes with 2 thick and comfortable cushions. This lovely-looking egg chair is a great addition to any garden, patio, or even indoors. 

Marco Phillippe XL Patio Hanging Chair

Product Specifications 

  • Chair Size: 120 x 105 x 70 cm
  • Overall Height: 194 cm
  •  Weight: 132 Lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 285 Lbs.


  •  The cushion has a removable and washable cover 
  •  Rattan weave is UV Ray Resistant 
  •  Sturdy large base


  •  Available only in one color
  •  The cover is sold separately 

6. E-Stores Direct Rattan Hanging Swing Chair with Stand

If you’re looking for time off at your garden in style, then this gorgeous egg-shaped 

rattan wicker is for you. It features a usable swing chair in black iron stand materials and a foamy cushion seat. Guaranteed to make you relax with your own time at your patio or garden.

The E-Stores Direct Rattan Hanging Swing Chair comes with a powder-coated steel frame that securely hangs from the top. Perfect also when you’re finishing that book you’ve been reading for a while.

E-Stores Direct Rattan Hanging Swing Chair with Stand

Product Specifications :

Stand Diameter : 95cm 

 Overall Size : 85cm x 65cm x 192cm

 Overall Height : 192cm 

 Weight: 120 Lbs.

Max Capacity: 264 Lbs.


  •  The shape can be considered half moon 
  •  Made from durable Rattan and black iron material 
  •  Balanced large base


  •  Available only in two colors, brown and grey

7. Charles Bentley Patio Outdoor Grey Rattan Hanging Swing Chair

To unwind and relax in your garden is the best time of your day and this another hanging

swing chair from Charles Bentley can make it better. You don’t have to worry about the summer because this crescent-shaped chair has a showerproof finish.

This Charles Bentley Patio Outdoor Grey Rattan Hanging Swing Chair is perfect for any size of garden or patio. The chair is comprised of cane rattan effect PE materials and for your comfort, it has a thick grey cushion.

Charles Bentley Patio Outdoor Grey Rattan Hanging Swing Chair

 Product Specifications 

Basket Size : H126 x W83 x D68cm

 Overall Size : H190 x W95 x D68cm

 Weight: 46 Lbs.

Max Capacity: 264 Lbs.


  •  The shape is a crescent moon 
  •  Made from sturdy cane rattan effect PE, and steel tube material 
  •  Weatherproof
  •  Free shipping


  •  Available only in one color
  •  Swing cover not included

 8. Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair Swing

 For a unique design, you may want to try this foldable Cocoon Swing Chair from Garde Classics. Its main feature is ideal for gardens and any outdoors because the chair and cushion can be folded for easy carry and tucking in. This innovative concept swinging chair is also made of Textilene fabric that is all weatherproof.

The hanging egg-shaped chair is also great for indoors and on top of that, the materials are lightweight but still durable enough. Great for comfort and relaxation.  

Grey Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair Swing

Product Specifications 

  • Basket Size : 100cm Width 90cm
  •  Overall Size : 132cm x depth 76cm x height 168cm
  •  Weight: None indicated 
  • Max Capacity: None indicated


  •  Innovative foldable design
  •  Made from durable but light materials 
  •  Weatherproof
  •  Free shipping


  •  Swing cover not included
  •  No maximum weight capacity indicated

9. Yaheetech Garden Patio Rattan Swing Hanging Chair

This rattan-made garden hanging outdoor swing chair and hammock with a soft cushion is another quality product from Yaheetech. Made with excellent material such as PE, Polyester, and iron, this is guaranteed durable and sturdy.

It didn’t also go easy with the size because it features a big space that any full-grown adult can sit on. This crescent-shaped rattan chair is ideal for time off than the garden because it is made with a comfortable cushion.

Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair With Soft Cushion Armrest Design Outdoor/Indoor Garden Patio Furniture Stand

Product Specifications 

  • Basket Size : 80cm x 84cm x 129 cm
  • Overall Size: 96.5cm x 96.5cm x 197 cm
  • Weight: 50 Lbs. 
  • Max Capacity: 264 Lbs. 


  •  Large Space 
  •  Easy to set up
  •  Stylish design
  •  Durable and sturdy materials


  •  Limited area of shipping
  •  No weatherproof rating indicated

Considerations In Buying The Best Hanging Egg Chair

If you are now planning to get a hanging egg chair from your garden, the guide above can greatly help you. We also recommend the following considerations before you purchase one. 

Stability and Durability

One thing to look out for is the stability or durability of the hanging chair. Take note that it is hanging and you need to consider safety above all else. That is why we recommend having a review first on the products before deciding to buy.

 Weight Capacity

Related to the durability, make sure as well that you are buying with the consideration that an adult may sit at the hanging chair, thus consider its weight capacity. Make sure also that the materials are made of heavy-duty materials. 

 Make sure that it’s multi-purpose

In making your choice, consider the possibility that the swinging chair is available for use both indoors or outdoors. Look out for all-weather features as they can guarantee that the chair can last. 


After weighing everything, the last and the most factor to consider is the price of the product. That is why in this review, we considered factors such as product price, shipping cost, and other inclusions. 

A final word of advice

The top and best hanging egg-shaped chairs for the current year are detailed above for your perusal and final decision. Above all, the aim of this guide is for you to find better deals so that you can enjoy the hanging chair you’re about to purchase. You can never go wrong if the product we recommended considered safety, comfort, features, quality, and most especially, the cost.

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