How to Make an Americano at Home – “Light Variations” by Italian Espresso

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world. Every day, millions of cups of coffee are drunk around the world. After Italian coffee, American coffee Americano is the most “addictive” drink in the world. People still call Americano cups “gentle variations” of Italian Espresso. So how to make an American at home? Let’s find the answer in our article!

How to make an American at home?
How to make an American at home?

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What is Cafe Americano? How to make an American at home?

Americano coffee is a type of coffee with a special preparation when hot water is added to Espresso coffee. Although inspired by the famous Italian drink – Espresso coffee. However, Americano is very suitable for the American habit of drinking coffee, which is not too strong. According to the evaluation, the taste of Americano is very sweet, low in caffeine, and does not have a sour taste from Arabica beans.

How to make an American at home?

To make a good cup of Americano at home you need a coffee machine. If you don’t have a coffee machine at home, you can try to make delicious coffee from a filter, which is both an easy-to-find, affordable tool that produces the same quality as machine-made coffee.

Prepare materials & tools

● Pure coffee powder: 8-10g

● Boiling water: 100 – 130ml

● Granulated sugar (the type of sugar used to drink coffee).

● Cookies to serve

● Espresso machine, glass or porcelain cup, spoon.

How to make an Americano at home so delicious?

Cafe Americano, like Cappuccino, Latte… all have Espresso coffee as the main ingredient. However, the difference is that Americano coffee does not have a floating layer of milk foam to slightly reduce the taste of pure coffee, but uses boiling water to reduce the caffeine concentration. The specific preparation steps are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the amount of water: Check the coffee machine to make sure the water in the machine is enough to prepare. And on the stove, boil 100 – 130ml of boiling water.

Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the porter filter: Use a tool to flatten the surface and compress the surface with moderate force, do not compress too tightly to avoid uneven extraction of coffee.

Step 3: Insert the handle into the coffee machine: By placing the handle horizontally and twisting it slightly to the right.

Step 4: Wait for coffee: Put the cup of coffee into the machine and press the switch to run the machine, until the coffee is 2/3 full, then turn off the machine.

Step 5: Make Americano Coffee: Pour 100 – 130 ml of prepared boiling water into the coffee cup, stirring while pouring to get the most blended Americano coffee.

Finished Product Requirements

To get a standard cup of Americano coffee, the finished product will be light brown, the coffee foam rises a light layer. When drinking, it still retains the mildly bitter taste of coffee, delicious and no longer sour.

A standard Americano will have a light brown color, the coffee foam will rise to a light layer
A standard Americano will have a light brown color, the coffee foam will rise to a light layer

Difference between Espresso and Americano

Although Americano coffee is called American coffee, the origin of Americano is from Italy. In essence, Americano is also Espresso, only it is diluted by adding hot water.

And in fact, there is a part of people who like to use coffee but do not like Americano, because they think it is difficult to feel the taste of coffee when enjoying it, and Americano has also broken the standard of coffee. Espresso coffee. However, there are also many people who love Americano coffee, because both possess the taste of Espresso coffee and reduce the caffeine content.

In the US, coffee Americano is a popular beverage. And this is the combination of hot water and Espresso coffee when ordering in the store. But in a narrow sense, it means adding water to Espresso coffee (ie Espresso below), and adding Espresso coffee to water (meaning Espresso above) is called “Long Black”.

It’s Americano coffee. What about Espresso? Espresso is a beverage originating from Italy, born in 1930. The meaning of coffee Espresso means instant, coffee that can be served to customers immediately.

If you want to have a cup of Espresso coffee with the right taste, you must roast the coffee beans until they darken and then grind them finely. The preparation will be done using hot water compressed under high pressure. This way the espresso has a rich taste and at the top of the coffee cup, there is a brown foam called Crema which is very aromatic without being bitter.

Tips for making delicious Americano coffee

In order to have the best Americano coffee, you need to pay attention from the step of choosing ingredients to the preparation process according to the correct recipe, specifically:

● The most suitable type of coffee for making Americano is Robusta or Arabica coffee, both of which are quality and highly appreciated coffee beans on the market.

● The amount of water added to coffee is from 100 – 130ml, you should depend on the taste of the drinker to get the right taste. If diners are women or those who do not like strong coffee taste, they can add 130ml of water.

● In addition, the above instructions are the most basic general instructions for Espresso machines, but each machine will have different processes and dosages, so you need to learn and understand your machine.

How to enjoy a cup of American coffee?

Coffee cup Although enjoying at home, you should still decorate your Americano coffee cup so that it looks beautiful. You should also put a coffee cup on a porcelain plate, on the right put a spoon and a bag of sugar, on the left let the biscuits used. Depending on your taste, add sugar or not. Before drinking, gently stir to mix and taste best.

Enjoy it at home in luxury!

Benefits of drinking Cafe Americano

A cup of delicious Americano coffee every day will bring a lot of benefits to the health and spirit of the drinker, specifically:

● The caffeine in coffee will help you stay awake, improve your spirit and ability to focus for an effective day of work and study.

● In addition, the nutrients in coffee also help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, prevent liver diseases and cancer…

If you consider enjoying a cup of filter coffee is really a waste of time when sitting and waiting for every drop of coffee to drip into the cup. You can try a great coffee that is full of flavor and not too bold, that is the Americano. And try creating your own with how to make an americano at home that we just shared!

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