NeueChair Obsidian Office Computer Chair Reviews

We have had the pleasure of reviewing and using Secretlab gaming chairs for over a year now, and it is fair to say they are an office and home favorite amongst the team.

The chair I have frequently been sat on over this time is the Secretlab Omega, a premium gaming chair we reviewed a few months back. Gaming chairs aside, we were recently sent an office-style chair from the Secretlabs subsidiary brand NeueChair. 

Not all computer users want a large soft-weave or faux leather chair, and this is where NeueChair’s ultimate office chair comes in, with its mesh-like material and strong ergonomics.


  • Supreme comfort
  • Generous amount of adjustment options
  • High build quality
  • Premium materials


  • Costly
  • Armrests height adjustment could be better

The Specs

  • Chair Type: Office
  • Maximum Load: 108kg
  • Gross Weight: 29Kg
  • Sitting Height: 19.3” – 22.4”
NeueChair Obsidian | Ergonomic Office Computer Chair (Subsidiary of Secretlab)


Like many of the chairs we have reviewed, the NeueChair Obsidian was relatively simple to assemble. The backrest and seat arrive fully assembled, leaving you with just the casters to fit and then finally sitting the chair on top.

Like most chairs I have built, the casters were a little bit of a pain to clip in, but this is common and a small price to pay for stability.

It is worth noting that the wheelbase was rather heavy, again adding stability to the chair, which will be covered later on. The main chair part, as mentioned, comes pre-assembled even with the armrests attached and simply slides on the hydraulic piston. 

Once put together, I found the instructions on the box very handy for getting the various adjustments set up straight away.


Straight out of the box, the NeueChair looks like a suped-up office chair. It doesn’t have the same visual impact as the larger Secretlab gaming chairs, though, partly due to having a significantly smaller backrest. Despite this, it stands out from your average office chair with its sleek and industrial, yet functional design.

The large metal brace that supports you is one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of the chair. This frame is built with aluminum alloy that has been plated for extra durability. Furthermore, the plating on the Obsidian model finishes the chair with style from a purely visual perspective.

Unlike the padding and plush velvety materials we saw with the various Secretlab gaming chairs, the Obsidian features a mesh-like polyester fiber that is built to last.

I wasn’t sold on this style of material when it first arrived, but in fairness, the comfort isn’t compromised using this. This type of material has been heavily tested from NeueChair, and while it’s a much more breathable material, it is also excellent for back support. The mesh is perfect for hotter environments or extended gaming sessions while also providing sufficient comfort during usage.

Comfort And Ergonomic Adjustments

The Obsidian chair oozes quality, and you get a real feel that NeueChair put the very best components and knowledge into their products. With a chair such as this being engineered for supreme comfort and support, you are going to be expecting some next level adjustments, and the Obsidian comes with a ton. 

Backrest Recline Tension

This was easily my favorite bit of functionality with the chair, as this adjustment option ensured the reclining backrest was set perfectly. The recline on this is pretty different from the Secretlab or Noble gaming chair, in that the lower seat part of the chair doesn’t tilt or move.

Now, I’m a massive fan of the full bucket seat tilt on my Secretlab Omega, so I was skeptical, but the comfort from this backrest is superb once the settings are tuned to the amount of tension your back desires.

To adjust the tension on the back, you simply wind the lever located on the right side of the base. The lever reminded me of winding a car window up about 20 years ago before the invention of electric windows, but hey, it works.

Lumbar Support

The importance of lumbar support on a chair, such as the NeueChair Obsidian, is huge. This is a high-end chair, after all, so being fully adjustable and supportive is something many potential buyers would assume. 

To support the carefully considered shape, wrapped mesh material, and high-quality backrest, there are smaller features that go a long way in providing you with the support you need. In the center of the backrest sits an adjustment option that you might miss at first glance. The small cushion can slide up a few inches, accommodating for different sizes and needs. 

Another adjustment option located on the back is designed to assist you in sitting up a little straighter and can aid in supporting your back. You simply press the buttons either side of the backrest, and the back mesh will slide back, giving it a steeper angle. This feature worked best for me when in dire need of focus and seamed to be beneficial when combined with the seat slide adjustment.

Seat Slide

The seat slide adjustment option really helps in keeping your posture straight and works in conjunction with the previous adjustment I mentioned to give you what NeueChair likes to call – Focus Mode. 


The armrests are one of the better aspects of this chair, and that’s for a few reasons. Firstly, they are completely adjustable, but they come in a PU coating.

This coating brings added comfort to your elbows, and the soft feel of the material doesn’t irritate your skin or make your arms sweat. These are really comfortable armrests, much like the Secretlab Titan but a bit thicker and, in my opinion, better quality.

The armrests also come with an adjustment option called ‘ControlShift.’ This is an excellent design choice, taking them under chair levers from your classic office chairs and re-locating them to your fingertips.

The ControlShift lever on the left enables you to stop the recline function, meaning you can lock the chair into a different position if you desired. Furthermore, it doesn’t snap back into place, knocking your drink all over the floor like some chairs, it waits for pressure to be applied from your back then slides back up with you. 

The second lever, located on the right armrest, is your classic height adjustment feature. This works as you would imagine, and there isn’t really anything to note other than the satisfaction of doing this without having to move or try and find a lever below the seat.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the two-directional adjustment on the armrests. Of course, like most chairs, these go up and down and rotate left and right but, unfortunately, it became my only gripe with the chair.

I like the armrests to be at different heights when I’m working and when I’m gaming, so being able to adjust these properly is important. While these functions, I found the height adjustment to be a little annoying to get the same on both armrests but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Another tiny issue I had was down to the fact I like to lean on the armrests, and although these are some of the smoothest I’ve used to rotate, they would sometimes move to easily while leaning, which was a bit annoying.

Our Verdict

Through working at the office and gaming back at home, I can be sat down for many hours a week, so comfort and back support is key. NeueChair is obviously going in a different direction to Secretlab, and when the competition comes in at such a high price, you can see where NeueChair is trying to fit into the market.

The chair screams, reliability, and stability, with enough adjustment options to make this comfortable for anyone. NeueChair has changed the office chair game, and while the range would never be considered a bargain, they offer excellent value with a generous amount of features. So, for the ultimate ergonomic chair that will support you through thick, thin, and the odd bit of back pain, grab yourself a NeueChair for the office or home, your posture will thank you.

Where to buy?

You can purchase from Amazon right here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is NeueChair related to Secretlab?

A: NeueChair is a subsidiary brand of Secretlab, focusing on ergonomic chairs for work purposes.

Q: What are the differences between the Obsidian and Silver?

A: The Silver model comes with polished ADC12 Aluminum whereas the Obsidian features extra plating on the aluminum for extra durability.

Q: What is the weight limit for NeueChair?

A: Max load is 240lbs/ 108KG

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