Secretlab Gaming Chairs: the Ultimate Guide

Whether you are gaming or hardly working at the office, the chair you sit on is important. In the gaming chair sector, there are a lot of poor quality options, and it can be very difficult to find a stylish gaming chair that is not only comfortable but durable too.

This is where Secretlab comes in; the company founded back in 2014. Secretlab only deals in premium gaming chairs and offers a consistent level of quality throughout their range. Secretlab chairs have won “best gaming chair” awards in recent years and continue to be an industry leader, with uncompromised quality and customer service. 

As you can probably tell, I’m a massive fan of Secretlab products, and I assure you, my behind is too.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Game of Thrones House Stark Gaming Chair

Why Buy A Secretlab Gaming Chair?

The guys behind Secretlab chairs were semi-professional gamers who saw a gap in the market and noticed that most gaming or generic chairs were uncomfortable and offered little back support, leading to health problems.

Secretlab chairs are internationally renowned and the preferred choice for casual and professional gamers alike. While they are quite expensive, their award-winning chairs are certified for both quality and reliability.

A Secretlab chair should be considered an investment. They bring excellent build quality to the table, along with high-quality materials to ensure you have the best sitting experience you can.

Where Can You Buy Secretlab Gaming Chairs?

The popularity of these premium gaming chairs doesn’t appear to be slowing down, but they aren’t as readily available offline as some other brands.

To grab yourself one of Secretlab’s models, your best bet is to head over to their website. If Secretlab is having a sale, then you can bet they will advertise it on there. Furthermore, when Black Friday comes around, they almost always slash prices.

You can also purchase Secretlab chairs over at Amazon, but to ensure you get the chair color or theme you desire, I advise you buy through Secretlab directly.

Unfortunately, Secretlab chairs aren’t available in stores, meaning you are not likely to be able to try one of these before you buy. That being said, the company has easy to follow buying guides, which works perfectly for first-time buyers.

Which Secretlab Chair Is Right For You?

Secretlab’s chair range has been designed to cater for people of different sizes and weights. The smallest of their line is the Secretlab Throne, which was created for the smaller gamers. And then, they also go all the way up to the Titan XL, which is capable of holding up to 180KG.

While they are all excellent, it is important to find one that fits and supports your body type. Over at Secretlab, they have all the specifications and size guides you need to make the right choice, but for a quick look, check out our small graph below.

Secretlab Titan & Titan XL

The Secretlab Titan 2020 is on the bigger end of the scale, as it comes with a larger backrest and wider seat. This is the best gaming chair out there for bigger guys and can accommodate people up to 200cm tall and 130KG in weight.

For those that are bigger boned, Secretlab also does the “XL” version of the Titan. The Titan XL remains comfy for gamers up to 208cm tall and can handle up to 180KG in weight. Now that’s sturdy.

You can have the Titan upholstered in three different materials; 2.0 PU leather, NAPA leather, or SoftWeave fabric. The Secretlab Titan gaming chair is available in seven different color styles, as well as 13 different special editions.

It is worth noting that the Titan XL is limited to software and PU leather, for a total of four different color options.

Secretlab Omega

The Omega 2021 gaming chair is regarded by many as one of the best currently available. While offering some of the best levels of comfort in the category, the build quality and lower price make this gaming chair an absolute bargain.

 The Omega is the “middle” chair, catering for the majority of people and is a hugely successful product. This best selling Secretlab chair is made for people between 160-180cm tall, with a max weight load of 100KG.

The Omega is the comfiest chair in Secretlab’s range, and easily one of the most comfortable gaming chairs money can buy. The chair uses better padding than the Titan and is noticeably more comfortable in comparison.

Like the Titan, the Omega is available in all three upholsteries. The Omega also comes available in the same special editions as the Titan, with the odd extra option.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair

Secretlab Throne

The Throne is the baby of the bunch, but it is still a surprisingly comfy chair, even if you are a six-foot bloke, although it isn’t recommended. The Secretlab Throne is the most affordable chair in the range and was the first they released.

The all-new Secretlab Throne 2020 is the perfect gaming chair for smaller people, with a recommended height of 145-165cm. Furthermore, the chair has a maximum load of up to 100KG.

The Throne is available in the PU leather or SoftWeave fabric, and you can choose from a total of four different colors. 

Secretlab Chair Customisation

Secretlab chairs come in a variety of colors, materials, and special editions. The brand has worked with several esports teams, TV shows, and even movies to bring gamers some very interestingly styled chairs.


Secretlab Titan and Omega gaming chairs can be upholstered in three different fabrics (PU leather, NAPA leather, and software), while the Throne and Titan XL chairs are only available in two (PU leather, software). 

Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU Leather – The new and improved polyurethane leather (2.0) that features on Secretlab’s 2020 series chairs has been designed to be around four times stronger than the previous material.

This durable material is soft and flexible, making it ideal for a comfortable gaming chair. Furthermore, this material is resistant to spills, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Secretlab rigorously tests the PU leather with 200,000 flexing and abrasion resistance test cycles, to ensure quality.

NAPA Leather – This material is the most luxurious upholstery on offer from Secretlab and is the same fabric used with furniture, or high-end cars and handbags. This is a “buttery smooth” fabric and is very cool to the touch, bringing you supreme comfort.

 Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric – This material is Secretlab’s signature blended fabric option, made from dense 350GSM short-yarn.

This material has been engineered to be breathable while remaining extremely comfortable. The fabric dissipates heat quicker, stopping you from getting sweaty and being the perfect material for the hotter climates or extended gaming sessions.

The material feels cozy and, despite being fabric, is easy to clean with commercial fabric cleaner.

Secretlab SoftWeave has been woven together for high tensile strength so that it won’t lose its form for a very long time.

NeueChair, The Office Chair Alternative

Secretlab’s newly launched subsidiary brand NeueChair, has brought the company screaming into the office chair market. With ergonomic competitors generally being very expensive, the more affordable NeueChair is a superb alternative. 

This modern computer chair is fully ergonomic, very comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. These are expertly designed to support your back, neck, and shoulder muscles, relieving you of aches and strains many can get for sitting at a desk for hours.

The NeueChair comes in two “colors” Silver and Obsidian. Both models are made from polished ADC12 aluminum; however, the Obsidian is industrial plated for extra durability.

The NeueChair comes with superb adjustment options and is made with “NeueMesh”, a three-layer breathable fabric that feels great on the skin and very flexible.

Check out our NeueChair chair reviews

Our Verdict

Secretlab chairs are some of the best out there, and the incredible build quality makes the high price tag well worth it. They cover different sized gamers with their well thought out product range and offer levels of comfort and style that competitors seem to be unable to catch up with.

These are regarded as the ultimate gaming chair by many who have had the pleasure of buying or testing one, and it is easy to see why when you get one yourself. 

With impressive color options, adjustments, and added extras, you honestly can’t go wrong with the Secretlab chair product range.

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