Secretlab Omega 2021 Gaming Chair Reviews

Gaming chairs have come a long way over the years with those uncomfortable-looking office chairs making way for higher-end options. This style of chair has been increasing in popularity across all platforms from PC to console gaming.

These often look like a cross between sports car bucket seats and ergonomic office chairs which works well. Sure some of these gaming chairs are a little bit loud and in your face often resembling a boy racer seat from the fast & furious. Other companies like Secretlab tame it down giving gamers the option of a more sophisticated yet understated design.

Secretlab was created by two competitive gamers who had struggled to find the perfect gaming chair that ticked all the necessary boxes they were looking for. This distaste for what was on offer in the market kick-started their personal mission to solve this issue and create the best gaming chair they could which came into fruition in 2015.

Secretlab keeps going from strength to strength and their popularity has vastly increased over recent years too. The company has won multiple ‘best gaming chair’ awards and when you physically unbox one you see why instantly.

The Omega series from Secretlab is arguably one of the best selling chairs currently available and features in our best gaming chair roundup. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and fabrics to meet your individual needs with no extra cost unless you go for the NAPA leather.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair

Secretlab Gaming Chair – Omega Series


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Ergonomic design which is great for back support
  • Solid build quality
  • Premium materials


  • Lumbar support pillow isn’t fixed
  • Arms become flimsy over time

The Specs

  • Chair Type: Racer
  • Maximum Load: 110kg
  • Gross Weight: 30Kg
  • Sitting Height: 18” – 21.5”

What’s In The Box?

The box was reasonably heavy(30kg) and due to its large size, it was quite awkward to handle. As you would expect the individual parts of the gaming chair were separately wrapped to shield the upholstery from dust.

Ripping open the box should reveal:

  • Backrest
  • Seat
  • Armrests
  • Wheelbase
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Hydraulic piston
  • Hydraulic sleeve
  • Tilt levers
  • 5x 6cm PU casters
  • Side covers
  • Screw set
  • Velour head pillow
  • Memory foam lumbar pillow

Where to buy?

You can purchase from Amazon right here.


The Secretlab Omega gaming chair was actually quite easy to assemble and had a similar amount of steps to most chairs I have owned. You can set yourself aside 30 minutes to build it and you should still have some time to spare once finished!

Everything inside the box was neatly packed and upon taking bits out there weren’t screws, wheels, and armrests flying around the room. The instructions were clear and printed large which was a nice touch and made the general building process a lot easier.

How Does It Compare?

Straight out of the box the difference between this gaming chair and a generic computer chair is night and day. The classy stitching and the silky feel of the PU leather are far removed from those basic office chairs.

Everything feels solid on this chair like it was made to last but I would have liked to have seen the armrests being a little less flimsy. That being said, this seems to be a trend with quite a lot of different manufacturers.

The Secretlab Omega has a lot of similarities with the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair, another top tier gaming chair that comes in at a similar price point.

The Omega doesn’t feature the lumbar adjustment as we see in the Hero however the lumbar support pillow it came with is far superior to the Noblechairs.

The PU leather and overall design in both gaming chairs are fantastic with some of the best build quality I have seen in gaming chairs. Something I noticed was how much softer the Omega was compared to the Noblechairs Hero which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing but my preference was swinging to the Secretlab’s softer finish.


The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is available in three different materials, PU leather like the one we have here, a soft weave fabric, and real NAPA leather which comes at an extra cost of course.

The different colors this chair is available in are limited compared to the new 2020 series from Secretlab but the Black PU leather/ suede one we have here is an aesthetic masterpiece.

The first thing to say about this gaming chair is how premium it looks. The racer style seat hugs your upper and lower torso providing comfort and support even without any additional pillows or adjustments.

The materials look of high quality with the stitched edges adding a sense of style. The logos on this black version are also stitched in black which gives the gaming chair a simple understated look. There is the odd flash of shiny metal in the sea of black which looks brilliant and the suede edges finish off the premium look.

The Omega gaming chair is rather to pick up but feels like it glides effortlessly and didn’t do too badly on a thicker than average carpet/ rug. The PU leather feels soft and luxurious to the touch and as long as you don’t have a boiling hot room/ office this material feels great against the skin. If however you live or work in a hot environment then the soft weave fabric editions are probably a better option.

The build quality is of a high standard with Secretlab gaming chairs in general and I can confirm it is the same with the Omega series. The base is reinforced aluminum which is built to last and is heavy enough so you won’t tilt over when you are reclining.

As mentioned the chair has some heft to it and feels sturdy throughout with a really solid base and backrest. The hydraulic gas piston is mentioned as being heavy duty so it will have good longevity.

The Secretlab gaming chairs do feature some guidelines as to which to buy depending on the height and weight of whoever sits on it but I found these limits are just guidelines and shouldn’t concern you too much if you are within 10/20%.

These chairs are built to last and feature some really high-quality materials. The durability of these Secretlab chairs is unrivaled and this is reflected in the price.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair - Overwatch


A premium gaming chair like the Secretlab Omega, of course, comes with some features to boot.

The armrests on this gaming chair as mentioned felt like they had a bit of giving in them but that is just because they are not attached to the backrest as you would see from a generic chair.

This is a small negative as they are highly useful and add extra ergonomic points to the gaming chair. The armrests are no different to the Titan series and they come with this soft-touch foam-like PU coating which is actually really comfortable.

The best thing about the armrests is the amount you can adjust them which can help people all shapes and sizes find the most optimal configuration. They extend vertically, rasing high above the desk or can go low enough to drop below.

The armrests can adjust outward/inward and move forward/backward all at the press of a button. Having no fixed position for the armrests is a brilliant touch to any gaming chair and despite wobbling a bit I have no doubt they are built to last like the rest of the chair.

The Chair also comes with two pillows. Both pillows are nicely branded to match the design of this particular version (black stitching) and they offer some comfort and support.

The lumbar support pillow that features with the Secretlab chairs is one of the best I have come across and it feels like it is made with memory foam encased in a soft velvety cover.

The pillow is comfortable to lean against and offers some really good support for the lower back. Sadly however the lumbar pillow can’t be attached to the chair so it does need moving a little if you get up or lean forwards. I personally felt comfortable even without the use of this cushion even while playing some extended gaming sessions.

The other pillow is for the head and comes with a stretchy strap to keep it firmly in place. It features the same soft velvet cover on the outside but it doesn’t feature memory foam inside as you want a more springy pillow behind the head anyway.

The head pillow is very comfortable and great for when you lean back and relax when you are watching something or are waiting for the next CSGO round to start.

For me, the Omega chair felt like it was hugging and supporting my torso and this is down to a very good ergonomic design. The chair features some interesting tilt options which once you try you will never go back to that boring office chair ever again.

You can recline in the Omega gaming chair up to a maximum of 165-degrees and there is a lever that can lock/unlock it if you prefer. The leaning tilt is a great feature when you are casually watching or researching something and it satisfies that inner child urge to ‘lean’ whilst also being comfy.

Verdict – Should You Buy One?

In short yes.

If you are small to the medium-sized user then this chair is perfect for you. Remember, check the guidelines but they are not strict and you will find this chair caters for bigger people than they suggest. The adjustable nature of this chair make it world-class for more than gaming, it is a truly ergonomic beast on wheels.

For your money, you also get a choice of fabrics and color options. This racer style gaming chair feels built to last and you should think so considering the high price tag. It is worth noting that if you think you may be too big for the Omega series then opt for the larger Titan as they are very similar and share excellent build qualities.

Those gaming sessions on the old IKEA office chairs are over and you don’t have to put up with the pain of extended gaming sessions on those wooden dining chairs either. Game for hours with comfort and support with Secretlab.

It doesn’t matter If you are looking for the perfect gaming chair or simply a brilliant computer chair for work, the Secretlab Omega is well worthy of your consideration.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight limit for Secretlab chairs?

A: The recommended weight limit is 110kg for the Secretlab Omega and 130kg for the Secretlab Titan with the Throne having the lowest limit of 100kg.

Q: What are the differences between the Throne, Omega, and Titan?

A: Each of the Secretlab series is designed to fit different sized people. The Throne is aimed at smaller gamers while the Titan is aimed at taller/heavier users. This leaves the Omega sitting in the middle aimed at the average user.

Q: What is the difference between full-tilt and multi-tilt?

A: Full-tilt allows you to adjust the height and tension of the tilt mechanism whilst also giving you control over the suspension reclining features. The multi-tilt does the same as the full-tilt however you can lock the position of your adjusted tilt and sit at a custom angle.

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